Youthwork Learning Communities

What is a YLC?
A YLC is a shared learning community where everyone is treated as an expert in the room. Your story, context and experience could shape and inspire someone else's youth ministry.

The content that we explore together is practical and applicable, asking questions that enable a thriving youth ministry. And the real gold happens when we break into our teams to spend time thrashing out what it looks like to land this stuff in the day to day youth ministry. 
Setting measurable and achievable targets chosen by each team means that each group goes away knowing what to put into place and how to measure success. 

All of this set in a culture of encouragement where life long friendships grow, youth workers champion each other and speak life in to each others ministry makes for incredible times together.

What will I gain from signing up?

  • The YLC consists of four modules; Discipleship, Leadership, Missional Momentum and Legacy.

  • Gaining community both within your team and also with a range of others in similar contexts as you journey together and encourage each other over the 18 months,

  • Leadership development and investment for yourself and your team.

  • The opportunity to seriously invest in your team with time away together to make it even stronger and show that you are serious both about them and youthwork!

Who is it for?
Volunteer or employed leaders who are passionate about working with young people or students. It's for people who want to inspire, connect and empower young people through the local church. 

How does it work? 
Each YLC takes place over four weekends over 18 months. Each starting on a Friday night and finishing early evening on Saturday. This gives a good chunk of time for each team to see through their targets and come back with more stories, questions and encouragements for the other teams. 

How much will it cost?

The cost is £150 per team (4 persons), per gathering. This includes food, teaching and all materials needed for the duration of the time. 
Additional team members are £50 each. 

When is it?

There is a Weekend One catch up day on the 27th of April for churches who were unable to attend weekend one but would wish to partake in the rest of the YLC. To find out more information and to book on, email

25th - 26th January 2019
St Andrews, Chorleywood

5th - 6th July 2019
Venue St Andrews Chorleywood
17th - 18th January 2020
Venue TBC 
3rd - 4th July 2020
Venue TBC 

If you have any questions please contact a member of the Onelife team at

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“The Onelife YLC helped us define our vision and identity as a ministry by giving us clarity. As a result of the YLC our impact on target groups has significantly improved and the ministry has been brought into a really healthy and innovative place.” - Will Desmond