Every year Onelife run a national conference where we gather young people, aged 14-18, from all across the UK to envision each other and see the bigger picture they are a part of. It’s an opportunity for some to have the light bulb moment of grasping the idea of influence for the first time as well as encouraging those already running the race to keep going.

We infuse every conference with:

  • In depth and applicable biblical content in the main sessions.

  • Character development through seminars.

  • Practical tools for leadership.

  • Space for worship and waiting on the Holy Spirit.

These ingredients help us cheer on young leaders to go back into the everyday and lead in every sphere of society.




Doors open 6:30pm

Final Session ends 9:30pm

Door Close 10:30pm


Doors Open 9:00am

Final Session Ends 9:30pm

Doors Close 10:30pm


Doors Open 9:00am

Doors Close 2:30pm



St Andrews Chorleywood

37 Quickley Lane,


How Much is it?

Early Bird (Until End of 2018) - £49

Standard Ticket - £59

Group Ticket - £55

Accommodation (per night) - £5