The new logo. We each have one life, the question is; what will we do with it?

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Times of change are always times of difficulty, times that divide and times that bring people together. You might have noticed that for Onelife, this has been a time of change. This website looks a bit different from our old one. Gone are the curly brackets and exclamations marks and instead three shapes. These shapes are our new logo!

Some of you will know the story behind our old logo and some of you won’t but instead of telling that story, I would like to direct us to our name. Onelife. At times to me it’s just a sound, a word I say too often but actually our name tells our story. We each have one life. It begins. We are brought into this world without a choice of where and into which family we’re born but as soon as we’re here, that’s it. It’s go time. Every choice we make throughout our lives matters, we have the power to choose what kind of life we lead and the decisions we make will not only determine our paths, but impact the world around us, changing the lives of each person we come into contact with. Then one day that’s it. Our life is done. We don’t usually have a choice in the matter, some people feel ready and others don’t; but we know that after that point we have no more decisions to make in this world, and instead, eternity awaits.

This is the story of our new logo. Play; Your life starts. Record; You make your statement. Stop; Your life ends.

We each have one life, the question is; what will we do with it?

By Helen Dunn

Helen Dunn