Rise Up

Sat with my cup of coffee and my phone, I took the picture, added the filter (of course!), wrote something witty, deep AND meaningful and then hit that important button. One simple button, one word which is now probably one of the most used verbs in the English language...'SHARE'.

We hit it this button countless times a day, it gives permission for hundreds, or maybe thousands of individuals to see into our lives - or at least a snapshot of it. But of course hitting 'Share' is just the start, because what we really want to see is the likes and comments! The truth is there is a chemical reaction that happens in our brains when we see the likes and comments on our feed. We feel amazing, built up, encouraged, 'liked' and cheered on! Its not just on social media either. When I'm sent a card in the post or someone sends me a text which encourages me, speaks into my situation or simply just says "keep going!" part of me sits up a little. It has the power to make me walk a little taller and hold my head a little higher! 

But there is a letter waiting for me to read, a message from one follower of Jesus to another and in this message there is a call to action, a call to rise up. The words from this message were not quickly added in a grabbed moment during a busy day. The content could never be summarised in one 'like' and there could never be enough emoji’s created to express the true emotions contained as it is read.

It’s a letter which speaks life into my very identity, it shows me my worth is mind-blowingly rooted in what He has done for me rather than what I could ever do for Him. These words call me to reach for the potential set before me by the One who created me, to throw off limitations and worldly constraints as I partner with The Limitless One. 

The truth is, it’s not just for me... it’s for us. It calls out like a megaphone over the exhaustive messages in our busy lives;

"I want you to get out there and walk - better yet, run! - on the road God called you to travel." Ephesians 1:4, The Message 

My Bible sits open at the start of this letter as I write this. The words are waiting to show me something new, something I am yet to discover about myself, about others and about Jesus. This is just the start.

Join me at this years Rise Up conference to read on! 

Helen Dunn