Reflections From LC18

Leadership. I was first introduced to the concept of leadership when I was in my mid-teens.

Aged 14 in a cramped, rusty, white mini bus I found myself on the way to Glasgow with 12 others from my youth group. I wasn’t sure why I’d agreed to go to a leadership conference but somehow, I was convinced to go by my youth leader. Before I went I didn’t see myself as a leader but it those two days my perspective completely shifted. I fell in love with the culture of the conference; I would describe the environment like a greenhouse, a space where rapid growth takes place because of the culture of encouragement that’s present.

As I continued to attend the conferences year after year, leadership was described not as position but as a place of influence. This changed everything for me.

From then on, I approached every situation I found myself in as one which I could make a positive impact. The unique thing that the Onelife conferences taught me was how to lead in a non-Christian environment, in the areas of society I found myself in. They handed me practical tools that equipped me to live out my faith in school.

Fast forward six years from my first experience at a Onelife conference and I have found myself interning with the Onelife team. Last month we attended the Leadership Conference at the Royal Albert Hall. I came to the conference with an expectancy to both be inspired and challenged by the leaders there.

I was deeply impacted by an interview with John Maxwell. He said;

“Leadership is adding value to others. We need to think of ways, look for ways and allow others to add value to us.”

This provoked me to think deeply about what it looks like to add value and bring the best out in others by serving them before myself. How can I draw out the best in the people around me? I have experienced both effective leadership which causes others to thrive and insecure leadership which damages those around. Because of this, I am passionate about exceptional leadership.

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Things only move forward if there is a leader showing the way. As Christians, we have a responsibility to lead people to Christ, so they to can become Christ-like. Young people are an integral part of the body of Christ, therefore we need to develop young leaders in order to see the church step into all its fullness.

So, I ask the question; which young leaders are you raising up?


- Blog by Sam Hibbard -

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