Introducing... Becky McKemey!

Hello everybody! 

I’m Becky and I’ve just joined the Onelife team for the year as an intern, having recently graduated from the University of Nottingham with a Geography degree. And yes… to answer your question, I am now proficient at colouring in. 

My Onelife story began about six years ago when I was 17. I came along to a Onelife Conference having heard about it from one of the speakers in the youth venue at New Wine. A brave group of my friends bundled into the back of my car (I’d only just passed my test) and we headed to St Andrew’s Chorleywood all the way from the Cotswolds. This was a really significant moment in my walk with Jesus, and it’s where I first got a glimpse of God’s call for me to lead – to be an influencer for Jesus in my own context, which was among my school friends, hockey team mates, family and church youth group. 


I spent three amazing years at university in Nottingham. It was great for so many reasons, but most importantly it was a time when I felt God speak and begin to shape my heart for what my future might hold.

Throughout my school years and at university I have often found myself in positions of leadership, and I always thought that teaching would be where I was heading – with my geography degree just a stepping stone into this. However, my degree turned out to be so much more. It showed me how we are in desperate need of good leaders who are full of character and integrity, and who can best care for our world and the people who inhabit it.

As I practically explored what leadership might look like for me as a school teacher or perhaps even teaching in the church, and after some encouragement from my friends, I signed up to the Onelife School of Leadership. I wanted to do this leadership thing well, however it might look. And the School of Leadership well surpassed my expectations. 

When I look back now, I have to say it was one of the most transformational weeks of my life – and that’s coming from a girl who has grown up in a Christian family attending all the summer conferences and festivals. It was completely different from what I had experienced before, and I benefitted from not only fantastic teaching, but developed real practical skills that I could take home. As I went into my third year at university I was able to put what I’d learned into practice as I stepped into positions of influence in my church, university and in my house. 

So what now? Onelife has been a huge blessing to me in so many ways, and when the opportunity came up to spend a year working here, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pursue the dream: seeing young people grow to become exceptional leaders in every sphere of society, who go on to see society transformed by kingdom values and culture.

I’m so looking forward to getting to meet you all at the Onelife events and conferences throughout the year!

Onelife Leaders