Hello from Chris...

Hello to each and every one of you!

Some of you may have already noticed an unfamiliar face around the new look website, so I thought I would put some blurb to the face!

I am Chris and I originate from the North, Manchester to be precise. I originally came down to London to be part a discipleship course with Soul Survivor called Soul Time. This led to studying Theology at what is now the London School of Theology. I met my beautiful wife Anna there and since then I have worked for 2 charities, almost made it in a band, worked in TV, had a stint at recruitment and now find myself working with the very wonderful Onelife team!

Leadership for us is everywhere! How Anna and I lead our children (we have 3!), the way in which we are led at church, what decisions we see others make in leading their own businesses, the way in which staff members are treated. From the board room to the front room…it all matters!

What Anna I love about Onelife is the focus on character, how central our relationship with Jesus is, and the value of being as vulnerable and as transparent as we can be, so we become approachable, characterful and distinctive leaders impacting all spheres of society! 

We feel so confident in the team at Onelife, and very excited to be a part all that lies ahead! This year feels like a year of building, and as I am the new Operations Director there’s no pressure at all!

Hopefully we will get to meet some of you soon!


With much love

Chris & Anna x

Onelife Leaders