Audrey Anesu: My School of Leadership story

It’s been nearly three years since I went on the School of Leadership and my life has taken such unexpected turns.

I’m studying for an LLB law degree but I’m currently taking a year out from my studies to co-found a new business venture while working part time, and I’m also volunteering with A21, an anti-human trafficking organisation in London.

The School of Leadership has been so instrumental in my journey and in getting me to where I am now – most importantly because it kickstarted a deeper personal and ongoing journey of character and discipleship. It inspired a passion in me to raise others to become characterful leaders, and this has manifested itself in my business as we have made character development an integral part of our team culture and training.

 In three words, the School of Leadership for me was:

• Challenging – it forced me to assess my heart, desires and behaviour

• Growing – it gave me the tools to begin the journey of growth

• Necessary – for my personal journey of discipleship and also my journey to leading others in business.

For those reasons, I would thoroughly recommend the School of Leadership. Wherever you are in life and whatever your hands find to do, you have influence. If you truly want to grow and understand what godly leadership looks like in practise, I challenge you to go –and be challenged.

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